2016 Exploring Imagination Beyond the Ordinary!

2016 Exploring Imagination Beyond the Ordinary!

Another year filled with great memories and fun filled times at KASE has come and gone. Our young artists have made last year very special, and we would like to thank you all very much for another fantastic year of Art and exploring imagination beyond the ordinary!

We had an amazing time this year, the young artists worked very hard to transform their unique ideas into wonderful art work.  Every month they learned a new way of seeing their world, and the results of their efforts were simply incredible. We are really proud of all of them for reaching and surpassing personal artistic goals and realizing their own remarkable academic achievements, as many of you expressed to us!

It was such a huge success for us to encourage this emerging potential within each student, and this is why we are very excited about the new 2016 Fine Arts Program.  We truly believe in the importance of Arts Education to help increase and promote cooperation, individual expression, confidence and academic success.

Our very talented Art Team has worked hard to create an incredible lineup of Fine Arts projects that will fascinate, engage and challenge our artists at different levels. With the dawn of a great New Year in front of us, let’s catch that fiery spark of inspiration that lights the flame for great things to come… We hope that we can inspire you all to come together to grow, create, and celebrate Art this year. With you around, every moment is a special occasion for us. We hope you have a great year ahead, and we wish you a very Happy New Year!

Please visit us at kase.ca to learn more about our All-New 2016 Programs and Courses.