Who We Are

KASE was founded by artist Janette Gray who discovered her passion for art as a child rummaging through her father’s art box. Her vision was to create a complete children’s art experience.

Today, KASE remains committed to CREATE an environment where kids express themselves freely, CULTIVATE creative inspiration through positive interaction, and CELEBRATE artistic achievement. Small student groups and a friendly teaching environment encourages the kids as they practice and experience an art studio they can call their own.

KASE Art Programs


 Fine Arts

Our session format is specifically designed to impart the Fine Arts experience in form and technique while enhancing observation and creative thinking through original and imaginative exercises and techniques in new media, each and every month.


Home School Art Program

KASE offers a personalized art program for the Home School Group to come to the studio to explore and learn the simple to follow techniques that make all art possible.

KASE Home School Program
KASE Weekend Workshops



Weekend Art Workshops

These theme-based workshops inspire the mood of the moment, as the artists capture the season in a 2-hour creative journey. 

What We Do

We offer an inspired and diverse Fine Arts Program with classes for children and teens, from beginners to advanced levels as well as fun seasonal workshop, creative PA Day Camps, Summer Art Camps and more


Art Camps

Our Creative camps offer a unique immersion into a world of diverse and extensive art media and techniques while working on a spectacular project that changes each and every week, no repetition and always tons of fun, guaranteed.


Art Themed-Based Birthday Parties

Big Fun Parties are a breeze with our creative themed Art Party Packages. Just choose from a wide selection of creative projects in this tailored, no fuss, no muss party plan.

KASE's Themed Birthday Parties
KASE Toddler and Me Program



Start With Art - Toddler & Me Art Program

This friendly Drop-in Art Program allows you to follow the lead with your tiny artist as they create and naturally explore a variety of theme-based art materials in a gentle guided approach.