Thank You for a Fantastic Summer!

I would like to sincerely thank you all for an incredible, fun-filled and exciting summer! The kids at KASE Art camps were non-stop each week at the Studio. The sounds of laughter could be heard, as each day found them busy creating, inspired by the great group spirit within the studio as they bonded over many palettes of paint, blocks of clay and every kind of craft material possible!

We also want to say thank you to all of the parents, friends and family members who came to visit the Studio at the end of the week at Friday’s Art Show, and offered praise and encouragement. What an incredible opportunity for the kids to showcase their accomplishments, and display their work from the first day of camp and end it off with such a positive note at the end of the week!

It was incredible for all of us at KASE to be a part of this excitement, share their joy at each individual achievement as they explored the artistic process, and share in the group’s success. The feeling is priceless and it is, and always will be, the best part of KASE and an important part of the KASE difference.

All of the staff at KASE have truly enjoyed working with your talented children this summer, we will miss them and we hope to see you again next year. And if the Art camps has inspired the Artist in your child to continue their creative adventure, they can immerse themselves into a new exciting Art theme each month at our studio, please check out our Fine Arts Classes for kids! Classes start Wed. September 9th. Before you go, we remind you to have a look at the incredible Art work produced by your children this summer at kase. ca.

Thank you for choosing KASE Art Studio, and have a wonderful Fall Season!